About Hanifah Walidah

Hanifah Walidah
Creative. World Citizen. Gap-tooth friend.

After spending over 25 years in the arts, music, film, stage and informally guiding other creatives with marketing strategies, founder of B909 Creative, Hanifah moved to Atlanta in 2018.

A native New Yorker, raised in a small 2bdr apt B909 in Yonkers, looks to contribute to the Atlanta entrepreneurial and arts landscape by taking a storied approach to art creation and ads management.

B909 Creative is a holding space for the following creative products:

  • Ya Gay Aunties Podcast: A advice podcast about queer adulting and mental health.

  • Yummy Buzz ATL: An affordable and effective ads solutions platform  for restaurants living off of just deliveries during Covid. 

    • Other marketing services, consultation, AD/Sales Funnel Development and website design are also available at B909.

  • Outside: A dystopian comedy tv series pilot in production.