Pop-Up Atlanta
(Coming February 2020)

Where young businesses
get discovered.

About Popup Atlanta Podcast

(Coming in 2020)

Popup Atlanta was created to affirm the relationship between a local business and their neighbors. (Re)discover small business gems and the people and stories behind them in neighborhoods throughout Atlanta. 

Whether store-front or off-street, we feature creative, wellness, pop-up events, non-profit, tourism, restaurant or beverage product or services in Atlanta and the Greater Atlanta area. A Monday-Friday short platform podcast.


Popup Atlanta founder and host woman Hanifah Walidah, recently moved to Atlanta after years of world travel via the arts. 

Submit your business for interview and we will contact you within 48hrs.

Only if previously contacted by Popup Atlanta.

About our Pop-up ATL Ads

An affordable and curated approach to social media ads for new or pop-up businesses.  We make sure your neighborhood knows you're there  Free to sign up. We are in Beta.

Beta Prices 
$99 for 2 weeks of neighborhood Facebook and Instagram Ads
$199 for 2 weeks of Atlanta wide Facebook and Instagram Ads

More about Pop-up Atlanta FB/IG Ads

You just provide the intro/promo offer and headline.
And we let the neighborhood know you have arrived.

In the beginning, your ads should be a no-headache utility cost while you focus on growing your business.

‚ÄčFB/IG Ad Obstacles

  • Lack of cash flow to hire a marketing agency
  • DIY Facebook and Instagram Marketing is daunting and time consuming 
  • Ad Creation is not converting or outside your wheelhouse
  • check
    Organic reach is not converting into actual sales.

Why Pop-up ATL?

  • Affordability - 90% cheaper than hiring an agency w/ adspend included
  • Work cooperatively with other creative entrepreneurs.
  • We curate each carousel around a targeted theme, message and objective.

Pop Up Atlanta Ads (Beta)

STEP 1: Sign up (its free and takes 1 min.) and gain access to our private
Pop Up ATL Beta Facebook Group.

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Step 2: Get notified via the FB Group when carousel space is available.
Since we are in beta test mode, our carousel ad campaigns
run bi-weekly with limited space.

Step 3: Confirm your place in a carousel
with payment and upload your assets (image, video, text).
We do the rest.

Each card (your ad) in the carousel links to the 
URL of your choice or we can manage coupon or trial offers recouping using Facebook Messenger for an additional $25 fee.

Step 4: We provide simple and clear analytics at the end of each ad run with an option to renew.

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Pop Up Atlanta (Beta)

So I'm sharing ad space with others? How do I shine?

Which type of targeting is best for my business?

What does it cost?

Do you design the ads for us?

Can I use Pop Up ATL for all of my business ads?

Do you have a referral program?