Yummy Buzz Atlanta was created just in time to support restaurants who have lost patronage due to COVID-19. 

Right now more people are working from home. 

More people are stuck at home managing a house full of kids.

This creates an opportunity. 

To introduce Atlantans to food from all over Atlanta.

Our ads platform is affordable because it's cooperative ad space.

Easy because we transform your social media food content
into ads that work.

Powerful because we are the masters of micro targeting

Delicious because we bring good food to people's timeline without smelling like ads.

FB/IG Ad Obstacles

  • Lack of cash flow to hire a full stack marketing agency
  • DIY Facebook and Instagram Marketing is daunting and time consuming 
  • Ad Creation is not converting or outside your wheelhouse
  • Organic reach is not converting into actual sales.

Why Yummy Buzz?

  • Affordability - 90% cheaper than hiring an agency, adspend included in price
  • Set it and go. Save time. Use as needed. No monthly commitments.
  • Ad creative made easy 
  • We curate each carousel around a targeted location, objective and a number of other data points that find new patrons.

Yummy Buzz Ads (Beta)

STEP 1: Sign up via Messenger text
 (its free and takes 1 min.)
Let us know a bit about your restaurant/popup and what kind of ad plan/target fits your needs. 

Step 2: Get notified of upcoming carousel ads via Messenger or SMS.

When carousel ad space is available you'll get a text.
Since we are in beta test mode, our carousel ad campaigns
run with limited space. 

Step 3: Confirm your place in a carousel
with payment.

Remember !
We make your ad creative from your social feed!
Just Pay and Go!

We do the rest.

Each card (your ad) in the carousel links to the 
URL of your choice
(ie Uber eats)

We manage your funnel, from ad click to redeeming offers at your door.
Again, we know the time demand of the food biz ...
Just Pay and Go! 

Yummy Buzz Atlanta (Beta)

So I'm sharing ad space with others? How do I shine?

Which type of targeting is best for my business?

What does it cost?

Do you design the ads for us?

Can I use Yummy Buzz for my long-term marketing?

Do you have a referral program?